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Part-66 AML


Currently Kiwa is revising the process of verifying and issuing Part-66 AML applications. Until further notice it is therefore not possible to apply for a Part-66 AML when the applicant:

  • completed the education at an institute that is located in a country that is not an EASA member state.
  • obtained the necessary maintenance experience at a company that is located in a country that is not an EASA member state.

An overview of EASA Member States countries can be found on the EASA website.

Extension or renewal of your Dutch Part-66 License is still possible following the normal procedures.

Part-66 AML licence transfer from Greece

Due to an investigation from the local authorities it is currently not possible to transfer Part-66 AML licences from Greece to The Netherlands until further notice.


As of the 1st of January 2021 the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer member of the European Union. This has sincere consequences for the licences that were issued by UK CAA before this date, because they are no longer valid and recognized by EASA Member States. A Part-66 AML that was not transferred to another Member States before the 1st of January 2021 can only be processed by Kiwa Register if the licence holder applies for an initial issue, which means that the applicant has to meet all requirements. Part-147 UK certificates which have been issued before the 1st of January 2021 will still be valid. See the EASA website for more information.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Part-66 AML can be found here.

The Part-66 licence

You can apply for a Part-66 licence at Kiwa Register if you meet the basic knowledge and experience requirements, in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014, Annex III (Part-66), Appendix I. The examinations for basic knowledge should be conducted by an approved EASA Part-147 training organisation which is approved in accordance with Annex IV (Part-147). The basic experience is relevant for the category or subcategory for which you apply.

The following documents are required to apply for a Part-66 licence and these will be verified:

  • Application Form 19 Part-66 AML;
  • The copy of the valid passport needs to be signed by the designated Quality Manager 
  • Copy of EASA approved Part-147 Basic Training Course Certificate or Module Certificates, completed for the category/sub-category that is being applied for;
  • Only applicable if you are claiming a reduction on the experience requirement: EASA approved Part-147 Basic Training Course Certificate;
  • Valid email address(es) of (all) educational institution(s) to verify the Module Certificates
  • A digital copy of the Kiwa logbook/worksheets which provide the evidence of the practical maintenance experience.
  • First 9 pages of the digital Kiwa Logbook must be completed and included in the application;
  • Copy of the EASA Form 4 that proves that the Quality Manager is competent and authorized to sign off the workorders and who certified your documents as true or an equivalent proof if not working in an EASA 145 Organisation (e.g. a relevant page out of MOE which states the name and function of the Quality Manager). 
  • Valid email address of the Quality Manager who can confirm the most recent workorders and of whom the Form 4 is submitted. The mail address should be company-related (not private). The mail address should be company-related (not private).

Only relevant documents for basic knowledge EASA approved Part-147 Basic Training Course or Certificate Module Certificates are accepted. Other Documents from other educational institutions outside the Netherlands will not be accepted.

The above mentioned information is required to add to the application and will all be verified with the organisations that issued the specific documents. Without confirmation we cannot issue the Part-66 AML. The verification may delay the process of issuing the Part-66 AML.

Click here for the application for a Part-66 AML.

License Transfer

Click here for a licence transfer from another EU member state to the Netherlands.

You can use the application form for a licence transfer and the application for a Part-66 AML. For questions and information, you can send an email to or use the contact form.

The application will be processed within fifteen working days after receiving the payment, if it is complete and you meet the requirements to be issued a licence. 

Exemption measures due to coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus EASA has set up a model to support Member States with support measures. The Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has used this model and issued a general exemption with reference ILT-2020-7619. More information is given on the website of the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.


Licence transfer Part-66

To apply for a state transfer of licence, you must hold an EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

Part-66 AML for aircraft maintenance technicians

Aircraft maintenance may only be carried out and signed off by people who are authorised to do so.


First issue
Part-66 AML € 181,50
Part-66 AML € 181,50
Replacement after loss or theft
Part-66 AML € 127,05
Part-66 AML verification € 185,13
Licence transfer € 185,13
The rates include 21% VAT. Kiwa Register does not repay VAT to private individuals, even to individuals who live outside the Netherlands or outside the EU. The rates can be found in Regeling tarieven luchtvaart.
Express Service
In addition to the rate for the product, you pay 25% of the fee for the requested product per Express Service with a minimum of € 108,90 (including 21% VAT and shipping by regular mail).