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Part-66 AML

At Kiwa Register we process and review aircraft maintenance licence (Part-66) applications. 

Click here for a licence transfer from another EU member state to the Netherlands. 

Click here for the application of a Part-66 AML.

You can use the application form for a licence transfer and the application of a Part-66 AML. Your application will be processed within seven days if it is complete (including payment) and if you meet the requirements for issuing the document. 

For questions and information call us at +31 (0) 88 998 48 88 during office hours on weekdays or use the contact form


Licence transfer Part-66

To apply for a state transfer of licence, you have to be a holder of an EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

Part-66 AML for aircraft maintenance technicians

Aircraft maintenance may only be carried out and signed off by people who are authorised to do so. In order to demonstrate their competence, maintenance technicians are required t...

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First issue
Part-66 AML € 174,24
Part-66 AML € 174,24
Renewal after loss or robbery
Part-66 AML € 121,00
Part-66 AML verification € 177,87
Licence transfer € 177,87
The rates include 21% VAT. Kiwa Register does not repay VAT to private individuals, even to individuals who live outside the Netherlands or outside the EU.

The rates can be found in Regeling tarieven luchtvaart.
Express Service
In addition to the rate for the product, you pay 25% of the fee of the requested product per Express Service with a minimum of € 104,06 (including 21% VAT and shipping by regular mail).