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Licence transfer Part-FCL

To apply for a state transfer of a licence, you have to be a holder of an EASA Part-FCL Flight Crew Licence.  

EASA Brexit Guidance Bulletin

On 31 January 2020, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) published a "Brexit Guidance Bulletin". Considering what is stated in paragraph 7 "Conclusion", we will accept all applications for a licence transfer from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, if submitted before the Brexit date. Even if processing the application and the issue of the licence will take place after the Brexit date.

The United Kingdom has left the EU on 31 January 2020. The withdrawal agreement will be negotiated from this date on. There is a transition period until 31 December 2020 in which the EU regulations will continue to apply to the United Kingdom. The licenses are therefore valid after 31 January 2020. Whether the licenses are also valid after 31 December 2020, is part of the negotiations with the United Kingdom.


The fee for a first issue is applicable in case of a state transfer of a licence you haven’t held in the Netherlands before.

The renewal is applicable if you had a Dutch licence and you transferred this licence to another EASA memberstate, and you want to transfer to the Netherlands again. 

You will be charged with the renewal fee. (For example: you had a Dutch CPL, are now transferring an ATPL to the Netherlands, the fee of the first issue applies in this case). Check the rates for the fee. 

How to apply?

Start the SOLI procedure at the Competent Aviation Authority (CAA) in the country where you currently hold your licence. 
The SOLI procedure is to transfer your medical records to the Netherlands. Kiwa Register doesn’t take part in this process. 
The medical department of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) are tasked with this part of the transfer.

To start the transfer of your pilot licence to the Netherlands (Kiwa Register). Send an application with the following documents:
  • a filled out application Part-FCL licence transfer form;
  • a copy of your EASA Part-FCL licence;
  • a copy of your EASA Part-MED medical certificate; 
  • a copy of your passport. 


Use the application form on the right side of this page to submit your application. After receiving your complete application, including the payment and all required attachments, we strive to process your application within seven days. Incomplete applications are not subject to the seven of process. If your application is not complete we will inform you regarding the missing documents and/or payment.

What happens next?

Kiwa Register requests your licence information from the relevant authority by means of a licence transfer form (hereafter: 155 document).

You started the process of the transfer of your medical records (SOLI procedure) to the Netherlands. This is a process which takes places between ILT and the CAA of the EASA memberstate you are transferring from. 
After this transfer is approved and completed, ILT reports to KIWA that there is no objection to issue your licence.

As soon as the 155 document and the approval of ILT regarding your medical records have been received by Kiwa Register, you will receive an invoice for the issue of the Dutch EU licence.

After receiving your payment we will issue your licence. Your licence will hold all the valid ratings as stated on the received 155 document.

As soon as your Dutch EASA licence is issued, you are requested to hand in your foreign licence (from the EASA memberstate you transferred from) to Kiwa Register. We will send this licence to the relevant authority.

If you have a correspondence address in the Netherlands we will send your licence by regular mail. If you have a correspondence address in a foreign country we will contact you about the mailing options. If you prefer you can make arrangements for a courier to collect your licence at our office.

Please note

We cannot be held accountable for any aspect which is the responsibility of the authority the licence is transferred from. An application for a licence transfer can take time.

If you make arrangements for a courier to collect your licence at our office make sure to provide us with a shipping document.

If a licence has National priviliges then those priviliges will not be transferred. 

Dutch EU licence to convert to a foreign EU licence

To transfer your medical records you have to contact the medical department of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT).
You have to contact the foreign authorities to transfer your Dutch EASA licence to the other EASA memberstate and submit a request there.
The foreign authority sends a licence transfer request to Kiwa Register. Kiwa Register will fill out the 155 document and then sends it back to the authority.
As soon as the new EASA licence is issued, it is requested to hand in the Dutch certificate to the foreign authorities, after which they will have to return it to Kiwa Register. 

What else do I need to know?

We at Kiwa Register issue well over 100.000 licences to professionals (e.g. airline engineers, airline pilots, ship captains) and to companies (e.g. airlines, truck companies and shipping companies). 

We have a long history of issuing licences for the public sector. This results in a broad knowledge and experience when it comes to (EU) law and regulations, qualifications verification, production and customer support.

We process and review Part-FCL licence applications in accordance with EASA standards. Our experienced staff will process your request within seven days.

Foreign holders of licences can also submit their application to us. Consult the table below to ensure that we can process your application. 

Can you submit an application?

Licence transfer  
Nationality country not applicable
Resident country not applicable
Licence holder or EASA qualifications:  
Qualifications obtained in EASA Member State (ATO organisation for FCL)  applicable
Part-FCL Approved Training Organisations under EASA oversight applicable
Verification application  
Verification identity applicant applicable
Qualifications obtained in an EASA member state (ATO organisation for FCL) applicable*
Part-FCL Approved Training Organisations under EASA oversight not applicable**


*Temporary permission - Copy of the Flight Test Schedule - Copy of the Report Form, LPC or AOC