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Rates Part-FCL

First issue
CPL, MPL, ATPL, CFEL € 664,29
PPL, BPL, CPL (FB), RPL, LAPL € 638,88
Renewal/extension/revalidation/re-issue of a licence document
Class/type rating € 134,31
RT rating/LPE rating €   68,97
Re-issue of a licence document €   78,65
The rates include 21% VAT. Kiwa Register does not repay VAT to private individuals, even to individuals who live outside the Netherlands or outside the EU. The rates can be found in Regeling tarieven luchtvaart.
Express Service
In addition to the rate for the product, you pay 25% of the fee of the requested product per Express Service with a minimum of € 107.69 (including 21% VAT and shipping by regular mail).